An Introduction To Tech Altum School

An Introduction To Tech Altum School

“Tech Altum” is an IIT Alumni IT Training Institute located in noida, india for web development, Website Designing, Full Stack development, Angular, React, Mean Stack, Mern, Stack and Jmeter courses with full job assistance and live training.” So says the website of the Altum Group of Companies. The group started a few years back as Techlahoma and is looking forward to expand its offering of courses in web development and consulting, with a special emphasis on mobile web and mobile apps development.

The institute has been offering web designing, web development and other related courses at its head office in Noida, New Jersey since 1993. It had earlier joined hands with several other companies of similar type in India, viz., Kastiweb, Zalavani and Appian. Now it offers tech-based diploma programs at its head office. In addition to the regular course offerings, it also offers an ISO certification. A recent report of IDC Business Review says that “tech altum continues to be an important presence in the Indian market”.

The basic program fee is $1350 and the regular course duration is normally three months. However, one can opt for a shorter duration and the total course cost may vary, depending upon the program fee and the number of topics included in the course. The subjects covered are computer science, website design, programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP and Java, server-side architecture, database design and administration, usability and information technology.

The basic program also includes thirteen lesson modules. These are divided into four main topics – web designing, web development, ecommerce, and business analysis and reporting. Six of these topics are taken from the core subjects of the curriculum. The remaining topics are selected based on their application to the real world. The topics include the history of website designing, market evaluation and design, website promotion, web content writing and web development.

After completing the main curriculum, one can opt for electives in which electives may be chosen from the pre-requisites. Some of the topics include – web content writing and web development, website promotion, web site optimization and internet marketing, website conversion testing, online survey, advertising, online retail, ecommerce and affiliate marketing. Another twenty five lesson module is also provided in this program along with practice tests and quizzes. Of the twenty five topics, the first eight are taken from the core subjects of the curriculum and the last two are electives.

A placement chart is provided in the website to facilitate easy assessment of students by placement center based on their aptitude and proficiency level. There is no cost associated with the registration or enrolment process. All the terms and conditions that pertain to the course fee and the enrolment in the course can be found on the website. A student needs to pay his/her course fee at the time of enrollment.

In case of failure of payment within the due date, the student needs to return the course fee and interest will be charged for the same. The above mentioned details are the general terms and conditions applicable in tech Altum schools. Details of individual schools will be found on the website. Different schools have different policies regarding their enrolment and withdrawal procedures. Students can check the details from respective websites so as to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Tech Altum School is one of the best online schools in Noida. It is located at Noida, Ontario, Canada. This educational hub is popular for offering quality education in various streams including computer science, automotive technology and avocation. It also offers various classes for diploma and degree programs in management, sales, service and other specializations. Some of the schools in Noida have been established recently and are still continuing to provide world-class education facilities.

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